Thursday, January 31, 2008

25 of my 32 pictures...

Well I did it!
Took a picture every day this month! Started off on a roll with the Studio 365 Challenge.

Photobucket will only let me upload 25 pictures per slideshow, but you get the idea!

Not much going on... the last couple of days. We went to a fire safety talk Tuesday night with AnneMarie and Aaron. We dragged them and they actually showed up. HEHE. Too bad it scared the crap out of me. I liked the meal though AND it was FREE! DaVinci's. In downtown Lewiston. I think we may need to go there for my birthday dinner. I am still really upset that they didn't serve bread. What kind of Italian place doesn't serve bread with either the salad or pasta. I MEAN COME ON NOW!
That's how I judge Italian food, by the bread.

Other than that, we went to the prison yesterday to check out alternate routes. Came home some crazy way care of the dumbass GPS. (We have choice words for her at the moment, and yes I referred to the GPS as a her! We use a female British voice.) She took us home on some wacky dirt road that was completely covered in ice. It got more and more narrow and slippery as we went along. Luckily some poor soul actually lived on that road and we were able to turn around in their driveway. I refused to go any further. LOVE ME MY SNOW TIRES THOUGH. Whew!

Well I have been on this stinking computer ALL DAY. Tried to figure out, no luck. I posted tons of pictures and only 3 came up on the slideshow. Tried the photo mosaic thing, no luck. It was huge and I couldn't save it and resize it. Maybe my connection is too slow and it screws up the files, I dunno. If anyone wants to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

That's the scoop.
I need to unplug this computer.
Otherwise I'll never get my Valentine's done.

Design Team is announced tomorrow.
And 17 days till my birthday.

Ohh and Ugly Betty is on tonight right? It better not be a repeat.

Word of the day...

Bonzer = great/good/bloody good

This comes from the dictionary of my Aussie friend, Maggie. She cracks me up with her "Aussie-isms"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ah what an interesting weekend...

It all started off with the good news on Friday about my job...
Then we cleaned house to have AnneMarie and Aaron over. SO NICE COMING HOME TO A WICKED CLEAN HOUSE. I mean clean...floor to ceiling, the entire house. Alan and I worked like a team man. Alan even made dessert for our special guests. Then we went to Applebees. Pigged out and drank. OH YES. I bugged Aaron acting like the PAPARAZZI. Kept catching poor AnneMarie off-guard! I now officially love Red Apple Sangria drinks. TASTY.
Two of them hit me pretty hard. I called Jenna (my sister) on the way home and I talked it off. HEHE I was outta control at the start of the conversation and then poof, bye bye alcohol effects. Came back to our place and watched the NHL All-Star festivities. The Superskills competition. They changed a lot of the rules and setup this year. We pretty much bad mouthed it the entire time. Well that and AnneMarie and I drooled over a lot of the players. I now have a new hockey love. OH YES, another goalie. Rick DiPietro. HOT HOT HOT.
What else? That was only Saturday. Sunday we woke up for our day of errands. Alan was a sweetheart and made me pancakes. Then we got dressed to go to the store, Wal-mart and Home Depot. (OH HOW I HATE HOME DEPOT) Well Alan went to back the car out and I ran around to lock the dog downstairs and grab my purse and everything. Walked out to the attempted to anyway and totally slipped on the ice. We still can't figure out what hit the car. Alan thinks it's my head...I have no clue because my knee hurt so bad I didn't feel anything else. I slammed my knee on the ice and totally busted it. (Today I am convinced I broke my knee-cap, ok so maybe I'm being a tad bit dramatic!) The funny part is I had my hands full, my purse, gloves for Alan, and 4 Cricut cartridges. I fell and didn't drop anything. I just laid on the ground moaning. Alan knew something bad happened, but the car was started so it locked. He panicked and frantically tried to get out of the car, only making things worse. He finally got out and then he almost slipped trying to get me up. He was a mess...wanted me to go inside, make sure I was ok, I just said "NAH, help me stand up and get into the car. I'll live. BUT MAKE SURE THE CRICUT CARTRIDGES ARE OK!" That was my biggest concern. I had just gotten the 2 cartridges from the Cricut campaign and they sent me duplicates, so I wanted to exchange one of them or two. Plus I had a few to return. I ended up getting the Mickey font one, not because it's Disney, but because the font is really cute. After Wal-Mart and JoAnn's we went to stinking Home Depot to get a ladder. We are convinced we have a ghost in the house. (Well Alan thinks it sounds like someone throwing oranges at the house.) And yes I just said oranges being thrown at the house...Alan threw some rotten ones into the forest. Thinks the forest is now throwing them back. ANYWAY, back to my story. A few times a day/night we hear this loud CRACK/boom noise in the walls. It always sounds like it's coming from a different part of the house. Alan wanted to get a ladder to get into the attic and then on the roof to check out the pipes. He seems to think something is up with them. WELL he was right! After getting the ladder home, he got into the attic. Rattled one of the pipes and I stayed downstairs to compare the noise. Sounded the same, so he wrapped the pipe, hoping to stop all future "mystery noises". Then came the attempt on the roof. Little did Alan know, the roof was covered in ice under the little bit of snow we got yesterday. So he took his first step and almost fell off. Thanks to my spill on the ice, we had just gotten some ice hooks for our shoes at Wal-Mart. And lucky for me, I wasn't standing there watching or I would have flipped out. Turns out there is some exhaust pipe on the roof that has ice and snow in it, so Alan thinks that when the temperature changes and the pressure builds up that the pipe rattles. STILL IS SCARY THOUGH. (You know, we think we live in the FOREST in the middle of nowhere and scary orange monsters are trying to kill us!) So after that we just hung out and watched the NHL All-Star game and played Monopoly Here & Now on the computer. Then Alan found some quiz about the history of Hershey Kisses and we entertained ourselves taking quizzes for a few hours. REAL BLOODY EXCITING.

Now today I get to look at the bump growing out of my kneecap.
Got some dishes to do...the rest of the day sounds like a SCRAPPIN' day. Oh and I best start on my Valentine's. Good thing I cleaned my scrap area.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008


Twice this week haha.
I was craving them.
Finally took a picture.
This is my favorite meal.
I could eat tacos every day.

CAT I'm a kitty cat...

I freakin love this video

So touching...

I just found this video of Daniel Day Lewis on Oprah. He had just heard the news about Heath.

GOOD NEWS FOR ME, Bad news for Georgie!

Georgie PARROS that is, not my kitten.

I mean look at him! At least he finally cut off his nasty hair. Shoulda stayed with the Kings GEORGIE. Woo hoo Kings beat the Ducks last night.
Today is good news Friday.
Now if only I can figure out how to make photo collages in Flickr.
Other than that, I have a week (I start working Monday, February 4) to scrap up a storm.
I reckon I should clean the house too.
Going to start Valentine's today I think.

Blasting Maroon 5 right now. So happy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

Very sad. Heath was found dead in his NY home today.


Soooo cold. It's starting to snow. Bailey is out running in the woods with Ollie (the neighbor's dog). He could care less that his nose is about to fall off from the cold. This is the picture I snapped before his little excursion. Georgie just sits on the top of the couch thinking Bailey is nuts.

WELL the Patriots are going to the Superbowl. I finished my submission for the Design Team (pictures below). Um what else? Nothing really. Just been COLD COLD COLD. I've actually been creating. Had tacos for dinner last night, in case you really care. Does anyone want to send me some Baja Fresh? PF Changs? I'd love you forever. Wow that was completely random. Can you tell I'm hungry?

That's the scoop.
Here are some pictures of my layout and the mailbox I made for the design team at the local scrap store. Oh and I made the card this morning from scraps on my table.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A silly day...

Woke up and dig chores, OH JOY. Then Alan came home from work and we went to the bank and then had lunch/dinner at Panera Bread. YUMMY! We were going to see a movie, and then discovered SWEENEY TODD is actually playing more widespread...too late though so we'll catch it next week. Now we're home just hanging out. Kings game starts in a few hours.

Here are some random pictures from today...
This one is my favorite:

Friday, January 18, 2008


For those of you who care...I spent the entire day puking my liver out.
Hugged the toilet all day long.
Bailey thought it was great. He got to follow me around all day and check out the lovely times in the bathroom.

That's enough of those sexy details.
Thankfully I am feeling better now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another jobless day...

But it might not be that way for much longer! I had a good interview today with the state. WOO HOO. Cross your fingers, long drive, but it wasn't as bad as I expected.
We're due for another storm tonight...snow, then sleet and rain. Sounds like a perfect day for scrappin and BACKING UP PICTURES. Speaking of which...I don't do that often enough. I just bought some dvd's the other day and I plan on transferring over my external harddrive to the dvds. Then I'll have a 3rd backup system.

Well...still keeping up on the "Studio 365" challenge. I need to figure out how to post the pictures.

I got the Pet stack today, DCWV, from JoAnn's. SO CUTE. I just loved the papers.
Alan lit a nice fire in the fireplace, very pretty, but the smoke made me sick.

Sad there isn't American Idol tonight, but wait UGLY BETTY is on. YIPPEE. I love that show.

My head hurts. I need aspirin.
And chocolate.
Oh yes!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SO happy Idol is back!

I'm going for actressing...
So far an hour into it, those are my new lines.
Simon is classic as always.
Paula and Randy crack me up.
We've already had tears from laughing.

So I guess that I'll just stalk her
If she was a doggy I would just walk her
so I'll just stalk her

All because that fat lump wants to get on TV...another lovely line from Simon. Hasn't calmed down one bit.


It's officially Alan's job FOR LIFE. 16 inches of snow and I thought I'd help the guy out. PFFT! I ended up black and blue. I'm not really sure how either. Alan laughed when I showed him the bruises, I mean he felt bad, but he really has NO IDEA how I managed to kill my legs.

Still no news on the job front.

Just was on far as the challenge. I stay up on the latest trends, but I don't always give in. I tend to set my own trends and just do what I like.

Well I best get something accomplished today. At least I was dressed and showed before 12 noon. WOOPIE.

I want to add those cute photo collages to my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. I tried Flickr yesterday and the collage filled the screen. How do you resize it?
I would appreciate any help ya'll have to offer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ok how about 2 weeks in a row?

I crack myself up. I actually logged in the other day and got sidetracked and did something else instead. Oh well.

Here I go with my 2Peas challenge...ideal DREAM JOB? Stay at home scrapbooker. But you know, getting paid, having never ending supply of stuff...all the latest and greatest. Best camera. I could go on. THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE. Oh yes. A girl can dream right?

So the latest scoop? Still on the job hunt. Hopefully I'll get some good news today. Other than that I've been busy with Scrappintology. Our group is bouncing off the walls with activity. WOOHOO.

Awe my poor Georgie is in the process of trying to cough up his first hairball. Poor little guy looks miserable. Bailey runs to his rescue every time he makes a funny noise. Oh and the SNOW. Another Nor'Easter. YIPPEE. At least 10 inches today. Then more on Friday.

Still keeping up with the Studio 365 challenge. REALLY. I have a photo for every day this month. OH YES. And you thought I couldn't do it.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

2 Days in a ROW baby!

I'm on a roll.
Nothing all that exciting happened today. We're on our "Thai" kick and got more ingredients for Chicken Satay today. We also stopped at one of Alan's coworkers house/farm. Pretty neat. Having a FARM in your backyard. Yeah yeah I know, "Kara, you're not in California anymore."
Supposedly we're due to get more snow tomorrow. But it's Sunday, so I can live with that.
The chicken is marinating in preparation for tomorrow night's dinner. I'll just be hanging out and Peain', while Alan watches football. Hopefully I can take some cool pictures of the snow tomorrow. Or maybe just Georgie and his "boyfriend" (his newly discovered Husky stuffed animal that he's taken a great liking to haha!) Why I'm calling him a boyfriend I don't know. I crack myself up. Blogs are kind of funny. Lots of people have them, perfect strangers read them, and you talk about anything and everything on them. Oh and people tend to talk to themselves I've noticed. Or just blab on. I know I do, I'm doing it right now.

I do think it's kind of neat to look back and see what you were up to. Right now we have the debate on. Alan is talking to the TV a lot...err YELLING at it.

Well in reference to the 2Peas challenge, my inspiration is life. Sometimes it's other Peas. Sometimes it's a picture in a magazine, or just me!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year...

...4 days in. I'm not THAT late. HAHA!

Ok so this is official, I hope you're sitting down.
I've decided that ALL of my recent posts have been something like "I'm back" & "REALLY I'll post" or "I'm blogging again."
Call it a New Year's Resolution, or just me getting off my butt, but my goal is to actually use this thing. I mean who wants to read a blog with no recent posts? NOT ME.

So on that note...let me tell you what's going on.
I'm currently unemployed. OH JOY. Freezing my butt off, it's 10 degrees right now.
I'm actually scrappin though. REALLY

Check this out...made it last night. Those are little pieces of almost every single Christmas card we got this year. Some were too thick to punch through, but I think it's a neat way to remember all of the cards.

And for Christmas, guess what I got? A new kitten! Alan hunted all over the state for one. We had to drive 250 miles NORTH to pick him up.

Introducing Georgie!
Other than that, no hot scoops. Just trying not to turn into an ice cube. First winter here in Maine and boy are we being introduced nicely. (HA!) I cannot believe all of this snow. Just checked the weather looks like we have more coming Thursday. OH JOY! We had to dig out the mailbox the other day look. I can't believe that we actually live in this place now. Pretty crazy. Well I don't want to shock anyone by posting too much. So this is all for now. I'm off to check 2Peas.