Saturday, March 08, 2008

Another Birthday Celebration...

Saturday, Feb 23rd, we went out with our friends Aaron and Anne Marie to celebrate my BIRTHDAY. Woo hoo. We had dinner at Red Robin. YUMMY burgers. And then we saw Jumper. Oohhh baby HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is HOT HOT. Seriously, I think Alan should have handed me a towel to wipe up the drool. I'm lucky I even paid attention to the movie.

It was a lot of fun!
A very CHILLY evening though.

Oh and then Alan found this toy in the parking lot and he kicked it. I insisted that he go and retrieve it though! I needed it for the PHOTO OP! :)

Check out the awesome gift basket Anne Marie and Aaron gave me!

4 Year Anniversary

Thursday was the 4-year anniversary of when me and Alan met at the Kings game. They played the Montreal Canadiens, and guess what? That's who the Kings are playing right now, in LA. March 6, 2004 was the last time the Habs were in Los Angeles. Pretty wild huh?

We celebrated at home. I made a yummy chicken salad. Grilled up some chicken in olive oil, with garlic, salt/pepper and added it to romaine lettuce with green onions and cucumbers (chopped REALLY small). Then I topped it with gorgonzola cheese and Girard's Champagne dressing. I could literally drink the stuff, so the salad was AWESOME. Alan really liked it too.

Alan brought me some GREEN flowers and a PINK plant. Hehe and two really cute cards. I made him one.

Here are some pictures:

Text message boredom...

Alan must have been really bored at work yesterday.
He was sending me messages and lots of pictures.

This one made me laugh.
Really like the idea too, with my love of owls.

He cracks me up. OWL-T-LET!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A penguin filled weekend...

WELL aside from all of the snow we got this weekend, we pretty much had a kickback weekend.
I cleaned and Alan did lots of shoveling and adjustments to the mailbox that keeps getting covered c/o the town's snowplow!

Still need to update my blog with pictures from last weekend, but check out this card I just made for our nephew. I think it turned out pretty cute. I am very sad though, I went to look for another one of the Memory Box penguin stamps for the inside and I can't find it! I swear that I had 2, a mini penguin and a bigger one. (Then of course all of my new ones) But I CANNOT FIND IT! I have a feeling I am either losing my mind or Georgie knocked it off my scrap table and the dog ate it. Grr!

Update!! I just made this card for my sister's an extra card for her very belated present that I'm mailing tomorrow. (And yes, I'm obsessed with the paper...both cards are from scraps I had on my table!)