Monday, February 18, 2008

Another thank you, to Brenda!

Thanks to Brenda, another Scrappintologist, who sent me this fab package of Valentine's goodies! I just love the frog, so cute. He is on my shelf with the rest of his froggie friends. Soon I'll need a bigger shelf.
This was a nice surprise Brenda! :)

Out-of-order, but thanks just the same Julie!!

Julie, a fellow Scrappintologist, sent me this AWESOME package for our Cupid Exchange. I sat there DROOLING for quite awhile. So glad I found the box out in the snow. STUPID MAILMAN!

Look at all of these goodies. Clear buttons, felt flowers and shapes, a chipboard Purse-album, felt boards from Queen & Co., bling, tags from MME, stickers from Imaginesce (that match my paper!!) and the adorable FROG card. Oh and can't forget the Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Colas!

I think Julie is a long-lost sister. Or just knows me really well. She picked stuff I would have bought myself. And the K is awesome. It's already on my shelf with the rest of my collection.
Thank you Julie for such a great gift!

My LSS finds from yesterday...

I could have cleaned out the bank account AND maxed out the credit cards at the one store, but I contained myself. :) I was so excited to get the Memory Box penguins. And the owls too (they are Hero Arts.) The Bingo Cards I've had my eyes on for awhile and couldn't find them. Then I got more of the MME tags. (Thanks Julie for getting me hooked on those!)

Happy Birthday TO ME!

I turned 25 yesterday. YEP a whole quarter of a century. I'm getting OLD. The day started off with some beautiful flowers from Alan. Then he surprised me with a trip to Massachusetts/New Hampshire. It was a fun little road trip. We have both been CRAVING some GOOD and SPICY mexican food for awhile now. Pretty much since we left CA, so we found a Baja Fresh in MA. Then I scoped out some scrapbook stores (thank you all my 2Peas-girls!) Because the weather was kind of sketchy we didn't head all the way to Boston, but we still had a good time. FILLED UP on Baja Fresh. I even professed my love of the food to the owner of the store. He thought I was funny. Offered to cook me some more. Then I asked for some of the logo paper that they wrap the food in for my scrapbook. He was so proud! :) AND BOY OH BOY did I have fun in the stores. I about died in this store called Absolutely Everything in MA. I was in heaven. The coolest store I've ever been to. I told the owner, and she was really impressed. She had just gotten back from CHA in Anaheim, CA and I told her I was from CA. Then she picked my brain about stores in CA, I told her hers was still better! She gave me 40% off for my birthday on one of the Memory Box penguins I bought. I got some owls too. I got lots of cute stamps. WOO HOO. Then we stopped at a store in NH too. It was much smaller but they had some cute paper that I NEEDED. Then on the way home we stopped at Coldstone's for my FREE birthday ice cream.

Here are some random pictures from the day.

Gerbera Daisies and Tulips! My fave.

Oops, didn't really have my camera ready for this one!

I thought the name of this store was classic!

I became giddy at the sight of this beautiful establishment.
Seriously, I couldn't stop giggling with joy!

Alan modeling with our JOYOUS meal!

Want a chip?

You have to have just the right amount of salsa!



Fixin' to CHOW DOWN!

Eat your lettuce! (Just kidding, this is cilantro)

We heard this father trying to trick his kid into eating it.

I thought it was funny and kept saying it.

SO full. But in heaven!

We thought this looked like Alan's old neighborhood in Chicago.

I thought these green crosswalks were neat.
Stopping traffic!

Me and Mr. New Hampshire

Me on the laptop while driving...checking email & 2Peas.
(Or Peain' in the car as Alan called it!) Oh and yes, Alan took this while driving.

I found this owl in Downtown Portland. It was just in a store window of a clothing store. Isn't he neat? I wish I could have bought it. The store was closed though.


Love me my Coldstone's!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Sort of!
I need to post a LOT more than just this. But here's a tidbit of the last two weeks! BLAH
Today has just been a BLAH day. Went to the bank and LSS (they were having a sale-scored on paper and a couple of other things!) Tomorrow is my birthday and we have no idea what we're doing tonight. Just going to hang out I think. I have lots of updating to do. These last 2 weeks have been crazy. Getting used to WORKING again! Then we have had some wild weather. The ice storm was the worst on Wednesday...we even lost power. But I was pretty creative once it came back on.
Check out what I made Alan for Valentine's Day. I had this heart-shaped box and then I made 14 cards that measured 2.5 by 2.5. Each one had a different reason inside. Alan loved it! He even took it to work to show it off.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Kelley just posted the announcement for the DESIGN TEAM! And I got picked!
YIPPPEEEEE. I am so excited. I've never tried out for something like this, so it's pretty neat. Check out the announcement here: Scrapbooks & Beyond

To see the projects I submitted check out the mailbox and the "Snow Much Fun" layout in an older post (below). I also submitted 2 of my Christmas cards. They are in my gallery at 2Peas.

WOOT! What a nice start to a SLEEPY Saturday. I just couldn't get out of bed...err the 2nd time. I was up at 6:30 with Alan, ate breakfast, and then went to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. Read a few chapters and boom sleepy time!

I best get back to my Valentine's Day cards. I have 10 done.

More later!

Friday, February 01, 2008


Still waiting on the Design Team announcement. While waiting I've been rather productive today. OH YES. Got lots of stuff done around the house...paid all the bills, organized. Laundry. THE FUN STUFF baby. Posted on 2Peas. Now I'm doing Valentine's Day cards. I have my assembly line going and I should be done tonight I hope. Then I can get everything postal tomorrow and enjoy the weekend!
Start my new job Monday.

Bailey is whining to go outside YET AGAIN, so I best let him out.