Saturday, May 08, 2010

Luc's 1st Visit to Full Moon Farm

He just loved the goat babies, the chicks and the steers. Check him out:

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Almost 8 months since my last post!? OMG

Say it isn't so.
Ya'll don't even know our BIG news.
So much has happened since June.

I best get posting eh?
Look for more from me soon, I need to eat lunch now...
Soon you'll see why!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

LUCKY 17 for the Celtics!

Ohhhh yes baby!
They did it. Raised the 17th Banner at the Garden on Tuesday, June 17th!
So proud of KG and Paul Pierce. That and they knocked out the bastard Lakers!

Last night the Red Sox had a neat celebration for the entire team, following the the parade on Thursday. Lots of partying, some of those guys still haven't slept. KG was like a little boy on Christmas morning. They were ALL so happy. Paul Pierce got to throw the ceremonial first pitch! Oh and then the Red Sox wore their GREEN jerseys to further celebrate the big win!
WOOT WOOT for my Paul Pierce! MVP!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Look I'm famous!

One of my cards that I made for the Design Team at Scrapbooks & Beyond made it to store's blog yesterday.

MY NAME IN BIG LETTERS hehe. I'm being a dork but it was pretty exciting to see that Kelley liked my card.

Check it out here! Scrapbooks & Beyond.

I'll have to post pictures of my latest projects too.

Oh and more good news! I have a new member to my Close To My Heart unit. My niece-to-be Jenn just signed up on my team. WOO HOO!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Close To My Heart Booth @ Women's Expo

Wow, what a weekend. The Women's Expo was a huge event and something that required lots of time and energy, but boy was it worth it. Alan and I spent loads of time buying supplies, organizing and planning for the booth. We had an awesome turnout and met lots of great people. I added a ton of people to my mailing list, and now my calendar is filling up quite quickly! Awesome awesome. We were SO tired after just Friday, which was pretty slow. Then Saturday, I felt like I had been talking non-stop and was desperately wishing for a mega-phone. Sunday was all a blur. Talk about a broken record, very busy and lots of talking!

Here are some pictures of our booth. We got lots of compliments. Alan and I both think there are some things we could improve on, but I think we did pretty good considering this was our first event.

Just a few notes...It was a 10 x 10 booth, and it was a bit dark in the venue. Because it was a 3-day event, we changed a couple of things. But you get the idea.

Oh and a HUGE thank you to our good friends Aaron and Anne Marie for coming to help out Saturday and Sunday. We couldn't have done it without you!

Alan was so cute. He rushed to get a picture of my 1st customer. (This was still during set-up!)
Taking a break! You can't see, but I had 2Peas on the screen. I was checking the Scrappintology thread.

WHEW, a whole month has gone by!?

Seriously? How is that even possible. Well before I post pictures of the Women's Expo from last weekend, I need to do a quick catch-up. What have we been up to over the last month?

OH we went to BOSTON and saw a Bruins game. I have loads of pictures from that day. Check them out below. What else? St. Patrick's DAY! Green beer. WICKED. This was the first year I'd ever actually had green beer. Then we made corned beef sandwiched for dinner. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. Sheesh what a month, EASTER too! mom visited, it was nice. We hadn't seen her in awhile. We almost lost Bailey Easter Sunday. He took off with Ollie from next door and they were on the 95 halfway to Augusta. Thankfully someone spotted the 2 PUREBRED dogs and pulled over. By that time they were so tired, they hopped right in his car. Bailey didn't even have tags on (his collar had broken the night before) So luckily enough, Ollie had a collar and the guy was able to get ahold of our neighbors and we recovered the dogs.

I got my first projects ready for the Design Team. The day I turned them in, I was SPEEDING along and got my first ticket on the 95. Grr. The 95 was evil to me this month. I'd never even been pulled over before.

Other than that, just lots of shopping and preparation for the Expo. We spent a whole weekend out and about getting PINK stuff for the booth. Check out some of the good finds we got. I found some of those photo holders like Terese has at Pier 1. I was stoked. And then I got that neat 3-tiered basket from Target that everyone was raving about on 2Peas. I got it for $3! The After-Easter sale at Target. I started screaming when the lady rang it up. I was super excited. Ok PICTURE TIME! My mom and I are HUGE Celtics fans, so we took lots of pictures in the gift shop and around the Garden.

We went down to Boston with a group of friends, Aaron and Anne-Marie and then some new couples. These are the girls...

These are the boys!

Check out our nifty hats! They were only $1. Couldn't resist. I wore mine the whole day.

Here is one happy hockey fan and one happy frog. CROPPY the hockey frog!

Croppy hangin' at the game! Go Bruins!

Another shot of me and Croppy!

Alan turned the hat into a wig on the train ride home. Looks totally natural eh?

This is outside of Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall.

We had a great time in Boston. Learned a new saying too...PLUMMA! PLUMBER! PLUMMAH! (When you bend over, or have pants that are too low, you see buttcrack...PLUMMAH!) I say it all the time now. :)

Kara the Irish girl, with her Green beer and corned beef! I look WICKED drunk huh? Haha

St. Patty's Day card I made for Alan...

Bailey after his adventure. Just a tad bit guilty don't ya think, little brat wouldn't even look at me.

One of the cards I made for the Design Team @ Scrapbooks & Beyond

Another card with the Imaginesce line. SO CUTE. I just love that chick.

Another card...using the Two Scoops Basic Grey line.

Another Two Scoops card...the stamps were picked for me. I think it turned out ok.

This is the layout I made using the dog paper. I took these pictures after Bailey came home. I had him pose...called him a BAD dog and then snapped away. Haha!

My mom, getting ready to chow down some Easter ham!

TEASING Bailey with him!

This is Georgie's favorite position. No matter what I'm doing...he crawls up my back (OWW!) and hangs out on my shoulders. He loves to do this while I'm scrappin!

Georgie sleeping. AWE!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Another Birthday Celebration...

Saturday, Feb 23rd, we went out with our friends Aaron and Anne Marie to celebrate my BIRTHDAY. Woo hoo. We had dinner at Red Robin. YUMMY burgers. And then we saw Jumper. Oohhh baby HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is HOT HOT. Seriously, I think Alan should have handed me a towel to wipe up the drool. I'm lucky I even paid attention to the movie.

It was a lot of fun!
A very CHILLY evening though.

Oh and then Alan found this toy in the parking lot and he kicked it. I insisted that he go and retrieve it though! I needed it for the PHOTO OP! :)

Check out the awesome gift basket Anne Marie and Aaron gave me!